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Woodland Management

If you have woodland and struggle to manage some or all of the area, we could help you manage it for FREE.

Axewoods can offer woodland owners professional level help at no cost to themselves.

We specialise in small, difficult sites which are uneconomic for staff or contractors to access and extract timber from. We have specialist equipment allowing us to access and process such sites. All we ask in return for our work is to take away the timber we cut for processing and distribution to log banks, community projects and members.

The Forestry Commission estimates that over half of the 245,000 hectares of woodland in the South West and only 59% of England’s overall woodlands are in active management. This under-utilised resource provides an opportunity for owners to reconsider both the economic, ecological and wider social benefits of bringing their woodlands under some form of the management protocol. Ash dieback disease is a serious and increasing problem in Devon. This is where we can come and help you manage your woodland free of charge.

Our volunteers come fully insured, trained, qualified, with years of experience and a lot of passion for our forests and forest management. Our chainsaw operators are NPTC qualified for cross-cutting, felling of small and medium sized trees – both up to and over 38cm.

We carry out comprehensive risk assessments, induction protocol and many of our members are First Aid (+Forestry) trained. We have a strict safeguarding policy and we are fully insured. Your forest management is in safe hands with us.

Our members include professionals with a background in a range of related skills -including environmental management and academic research so we can monitor and report progress. A number of our volunteers are enthusiastic about planting new woodlands and will often help with planting schemes.

We operate in the same way as commercial contractors…only we work for the wood.

There are some restrictions where we are unable to climb and work from heights, but we have links with local arborists who we can recommend for completing such work. This is a chargeable service and the cost is directly negotiated with the arborists. Once an arborist completes the work, we will clear the resulting timber free of charge.

Some organisations we currently work with..

Get in touch now to put your woodland management in place for free via info@axewoods.org.uk

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