Large trunks can be milled to provide planks and cut timber. We were lucky to receive a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to purchase a portable mill, and we have also purchased an Alaskan Mill. The Woodland portable mill uses a band saw, and the Alaskan mill uses a powerful chainsaw, a support frame and ripping chain. Timber is milled and carefully stacked to be air-dried for a year or two before use. A ‘year per inch’ of thickness is a quick guide to drying and hopefully prevents too much splitting.

Therefore, we can mill suitable trunks to assist local projects in need of sawn timber. For example, we supply Beer Men’s Shed project with timber who have then made a large table for another local community project.

We are able to supply milled timber to members and local community projects such as Beer Men’s Shed.

For more difficult locations and bigger trees, we have an Alaskan Mill

If you are running a local charitable project, get in touch by emailing, and we might be able to provide you with planks and cut air-dried timber.

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