The East Devon Log Bank

The East Devon Log Bank is an initiative to make dry, seasoned logs available free of charge to local people who struggle to keep their home warm during winter– just like a Food Bank. Timber is taken to the log bank sites and stored for seasoning and processing. Logs are not kiln dried.

The Ebico Trust for Sustainable Development have funded the provision of polytunnels where we can store dry logs ready for distribution. We are working with local agencies and volunteer organisations who can identify those in need and arrange delivery of logs.

Axewoods has a truck and a number of trailers which are used by volunteers to deliver logs.

 Axewoods is always keen to share experience and resources plus being open to suggestions and input from other organisations. Through our involvement with Making Local Woods Work (a national project funded by the Plunkett Foundation) we have helped other groups establish similar projects across the country.

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