Site specific

Axewoods Co-operative – site specific risk assessment Location inc. postcode Moncton Wyld Forestry Commission Woodland OS Grid reference for worksite SY 335959 First Aiders Emergency meeting point for emergency services Forestry Commission Track at junction with A35 Location of: - First Aid - Water On site, near rest area Emergency meeting point for operatives As above Nearest A&E phone number RD&E Exeter 01392 411611 Type of vehicle access needed for site All vehicles OK Nearest phone /mobile numbers 07583 427746 Signal level checked Battery level checked Good Full Helicopter landing site On Forestry Commission track half way into woods Generic risk assessment title and tasks undertaken: Method of work: Forestry operations Chainsaw use, snedding, cross-cutting, ,brashing stacking and loading. One: Additional hazards not covered by generic risk assessments Two: Who might be harmed? Three: How might they be harmed? Four: Additional control measures required to reduce risks to acceptable level. Occasional local dog walkers (but no Public ROW through site) Working on sloping/uneven ground Public/operatives Operatives Injuries from felling/woodcutting operations Slips/trips/falls Detailed briefing before work Signeage/tape Banksmen. Correct PPE Advance liaision with FC Full briefing outlining hazards Safety Officer Name (please print): Graham Stark Signature Date Friday 2nd February 2018 Emergency contact No: 07583427746 FC Ranger Rob Greenhalgh 07780493753 Please read this Declaration and sign the sheet overleaf to indicate approval: I understand the risk assessment for this forestry work event and the control measures that must be implemented. I have received a detailed briefing on action to be taken in event of fire, medical emergency and accident reporting. I declare myself fit for work, and have informed the safety officer of any medical conditions affecting me. PTO Operative names Please print): Signature Emergency Contact No