This is why we need a truck!!  Great to be able to take all the gear in one load at last!

The Deaf Academy offers a specialist curriculum, teaching, support and care to Deaf young people, the majority of whom have accompanying additional needs.
Orchard Manor School is a Special School with an outstanding residential provision that caters for nearly 200 students aged 3-19.  We provide education and care for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties, Autistic spectrum conditions and learning needs. 
We all had a wonderful time – just what young people (and their teachers!) need.  Axewoods members had a great time too – and had time for a little making of their own!
Hopefully, we can provide more in the future.
No photos of the students working – for obvious reason of safeguarding – but here are a couple of pictures to give a flavour of the days.
We did have a little rain on the Tuesday – but the shelters were only needed for a short while.

Paul puts his engineering skills to use….

One student’s work – he was soooo proud of his efforts.  He sanded it down and was going to give it to one of his teachers back at school!