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Making Local Woods Work is an exciting project working to help support and grow woodland-based social enterprises across the UK. The project is led by the Plunkett Foundation and involves a range of fantastic partners.

We're really excited to share the 42 groups we're now working with through this innovative project. We're currently working with these groups, all of whom are at various stages of development, to help them undertake new activity that will help to provide a range of benefits for local people, bring woodlands into active management and generate trading income. They're all receiving support to realise their vision for their woodlands creating opportunities for jobs, leisure, and education, and to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. 
Click here to view the 42 groups we're currently working with

How you can get involved

We've just started delivery of the project, but over the next three years we'll be sharing resources, information and events that anyone with an interest in or involved with woodland social enterprise can attend. In the meantime, there are various ways you can keep in touch with us:

Like us on Facebook
We've set up a brand new page which is aimed at anyone involved in or interested in woodland social enterprise to share their ideas and experiences. It's also somewhere we'll be posting regular information and activity updates about the project, so make sure you like the page to keep up to date!

Keep an eye on our project page
We're working hard to set up an online space just for the project, but in the meantime we'll be posting all of our updates and content to the project page (link in the title). 

Connect with our partners
Making Local Woods Work brings together incredible organisations with a range of expertise spanning the whole of the UK. Make sure you visit their websites and keep up to date with their helpful information and resources. 

About Making Local Woods Work

Our aim is to work with 50 woodland social enterprises across the UK over the next three years. We’ll be providing them with a range of support tailored to their individual needs; all fifty will receive four days of specialist support, and there will be some additional support available for 30 of these, which is likely to take the form of a further 12 days of support per group.

We’ll also be arranging a series of training and networking events to help anyone interested in woodland social enterprise to achieve their ambitions.

The project is led by the Plunkett Foundation and involves a range of fantastic partners: 
This newsletter has been sent by Plunkett Foundation. If you would like to get in touch with us about the project, or share any news with us, you can email us or give us a call on 01993 810730.