Our aims are to provide the means by which our members can:

  • secure their own woodfuel needs, improve their understanding of woodland ecology and work together for collective community benefits.
  • connect local woodlands with local installed wood boilers and wood burners - thereby addressing carbon emissions and fuel poverty.
  • learn woodland craft skills, team working skills and offer woodland training events
  • physically contribute to work sites, co-ordinate volunteers and organise social activities
  • address local fuel poverty and help those in need of wood fuel.

To date we have worked with: The Woodland Trust, The National Trust, Clinton Devon Estates, Somerset Wildlife Trust, The Donkey Sanctuary, Historic England, the Forestry Commission, EDDC Countryside Service and private landowners.         

Landowners: We come fully insured, fully trained and operate in virtually the same way as professional contractors…only we work for the wood.

Members: We can provide training and exciting work days for you to take home wood we cut. 

Log Bank:  If you watched us on BBC Countryfile on 17th February we hope you enjoyed our story.  (watch it again HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tjtf38gjyocid8r/Countryf...       If you are in real need of logs to keep warm, them please contact local agencies as we cannot handle calls from individuals.  This is the first year of the log bank service so we are finding the best ways to address local woodfuel needs.  So far we have had referrals from Citizens Advice, Action East Devon, local food banks, small local charities  and churches.  Please contact them in the first instance. 

Please contact Alan Dyer for more information about our work and membership through the Axewoods e-mail .  Cutting season is October to February/March with processing and other activities during the rest of the year.

Next workdays:(please check the Google calendar* or your e-mail for up-dates - we often have last minute changes because of weather, site access etc.) 

We take a break at this time of year, apart from hauling logs which we felled in the winter on land that was too wet to get them out safely.                                        There will be some milling days if we can haul out the large logs.                       These days can happen at short notice, so keep an eye on your e-mail for notification.

There will be induction / training mornings for members and prospective members, so sign up for one of these:

Saturday 17th August

Thursday 29th August

Saturday 7th September

All at Knapp Depot, 9.30 - 1.00

Directions to sites are on the Google calendar - just click on the venue

* Google calendar at: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=sq7...